5 Super Food For The Hair

Your shower drain is clogged by hair. Your palm is full of hair every time you run through them. Are these signs of hair loss? Unlike the common cold, hair loss doesn’t recover as fast. If left untreated, most or all, it may lead to baldness. What can you do to maintain healthy and strong hair? Checkout these 5 superfoods that you could easily add to your daily diet. Let’s start feeding what your hair needs!

5 Super Food For Hair Growth

1. EGG

Eggs are excellent sources of protein which can help to boost collagen production. Amino acids in collagen help to build hair protein and prevent hair follicle damage. Your hair is likely to become dry, brittle and weak if you do not have enough protein in your diet. Eggs are unique because of the combination of vitamins like Vitamin A and E, Biotin and folate that are found in them. Biotin also helps prevent the effect of DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) & resulting in thickening of hair. Legumes and nuts are also great sources of protein too.

5 Super Food For Hair Growth

2. Avocado

The celebrity of superfoods: Avocado. Well, it’s famous for many reasons. You see them almost everywhere; food blogs, cafes, people are obsessed with it. What are the benefits? Avocado has a high content of magnesium, Omega-3, folic acid, potassium and fibre. Not only are they rich with antioxidants, they also help increase our antioxidant absorption from other foods! This is great for strengthening our hair, preventing scalp and hair damage from free radicals.

5 Super Food For Hair Growth

3. Berries

These gems are naturally high in Vitamin C and aid iron absorption. Vitamin C strengthens our immune system and the capillaries, which helps to boost scalp circulation. The vitamin’s antioxidant properties reduce the amount of oxidative stress on the scalp, helping to protect follicles from free radical damage. The ellagic acid found in berries further strengthen the roots, which prevents hair fall.

5 Super Food For Hair Growth

4. Spinach

Iron deficiencies have always been linked to hair loss. Spinach is a great plant-based source of iron, essential for hair growth. In addition to having a high iron and magnesium content, spinach can help your hair produce sebum and ensures a healthy supply of oxygen to the hair that promotes hair growth. Also rich in antioxidants, it protects against hair damage and boosts scalp health. Its high content of fibre and water can also help facilitate weight loss.

5 Super Food For Hair Growth

5. Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is well known to provide many amazing benefits. It helps to produce healthy sebum that moisturises your scalp and hair further preventing breakage. Due to aloe vera’s antiviral properties, it can fight bacteria, removes dandruff and debris of follicles and on the scalp, which then boost hair growth. Check out these products with aloe vera as their key ingredients.