Hair Growth 101: Hair Care Essentials For Men!

Have you fantasized about luscious long and thick locks for an exotic and majestic look? Well, we have all been there. However, our daily habits prove otherwise. Constant use of commercial products loaded with chemicals, dyes, and excessive styling can leave you with dry, damaged hair more prone to breakage. Also, hair loss and hair thinning are especially prevalent among men. Long, thick and healthy hair can enhance your personality in wondrous ways; hence treating your hair the right way can be crucial. So what about your dream of long and thicker hair? Don't worry! We have devised an 8 step hair care routine that can convert your vision into reality! Let's dive into the guide right away.

Your Dream Hair Care Routine for Growth!

Did you know the number of hair follicles on our scalp? 10,000! Yes, you heard right. There are almost 10,000 hair follicles on your scalp. Surprising as it sounds, your hair grows from a root below the follicles. Nutrients and oxygen reach these follicles and promote hair renewal and growth of hair. However, a poor diet and excessive use of dyes and chemical products can cause harm to these follicles, causing them to die. This results in thin, brittle hair, along with decreased growth. You can redeem your hair with our Hair treatment in Malaysia, known globally for its beneficial results. Our team at Haestic has designed a 6 step guide that can enhance your hair growth. You can incorporate these six easy steps for thicker and healthier hair.

1. A Balanced Diet

In the end, it all comes down to food. Obviously! A good diet not only ensures a healthy body, and skin but also healthy hair. Your hair needs a constant supply of minerals, nutrients to grow and stay healthy. Your hair is made of protein, so you need to incorporate adequate portions of protein into your diet. You also need to eat foods that contain generous quantities of iron for better hair. So maybe you can eat your way to better hair? (Winks)

2. Hair Growth Supplements

You don't only need a balanced diet but also supplements that can augment your hair care routine. Your hair needs its essential dose of vitamins and minerals to grow. You can keep your multivitamins close if you want long, healthy tresses. You won't benefit from random formulations of minerals and vitamins. Certain nutrients are needed in more quantities compared to others. Instead, it is preferable to use a more nutrient-dense supplement suited for hair. Haestic has one of the best hair treatment programs in Malaysia. Our Garden Pea Powder Supplement is packed with advanced nutrients like biotin, ascorbic acid, and Vitamin E in the right ratios, perfect for hair growth. You can easily consume one sachet before you sleep to fulfill your hair needs.

3. Scalp Massage

A good old scalp massage is an age-old tradition practiced by our ancestors to enhance hair growth. Scalp massage is a pampering experience for your hair. Massage helps to increase circulation that can, in turn, result in increased hair growth and improved hair health. You can supplement the massage experiment by using hydrating oils like jojoba oil or coconut oil to nourish the scalp.

4. Double Cleansing Shampoo

Another great tip for your hair is using a clarifying and cleansing shampoo to keep your hair and scalp clear of any impurities. A cleansing shampoo made with the right blends of nutrients can prove to be a miracle for your hair. Haestic brings you one of the best hair loss treatment shampoos. Our hair perfecter program has a set of two exceptional shampoos!

The first being our Micellar deep clean shampoo. This shampoo effectively cleanses your scalp, clearing it of any impurities, oil, or dirt, giving you a squeaky clean scalp and smooth strands.

The 2nd shampoo in this double cleansing regime is Haestic Fortifying Hair Growth shampoo, formulated to provide intense nourishment to your hair. It strengthens the follicles due to its stunning blend of active ingredients, helping to reduce hair fall altogether. Adding this two-step hair perfector regime can become a life-changing or, more accurately hair changing decision for you!!

5. Leave-in-conditioner

Your hair not only needs to be cleansed, but it also needs nourishment to grow! One way to resilient and robust hair is through conditioning. A conditioner helps to tame the hair by removing frizz and preventing breakage. A Leave-in conditioner might sound too fancy, but it can provide intense nutrition and hydration to your tresses. You can also use carrier oils like coconut oil, jojoba oil, and avocado oil as a natural leave-in conditioner to provide your hair with nourishment overnight. These natural botanical extracts can provide your hair with ongoing nutrition and protection.

6. Hair Tonic

The last step to add to your hair care regime can be the most potent addition for your hair. A good serum or hair tonic provides your hair with portable and intense nutrition without creating a mess. So if you are looking for long-lasting and quick nutrition, then "Serum" is your answer. Hair tonics are superfoods that can provide a lustrous shine to the hair. This vibrant blend of potent ingredients can help to stimulate the hair roots and scalp. One great choice is Haestic hair tonic that is packed with ingredients that help to prevent hair loss. This product can help to trigger dead hair follicles to give you healthy tresses. The application process is pretty simple. After a bath, dry the scalp and hair sufficiently and apply on the scalp with gentle massage. You will see visible results with consistent use. This compact hair care guide can be your go-to key to success for hair growth. Haestic provides the best hair treatment programs in Malaysia, giving you long, strong and healthy hair. For more fantastic hair care programs and products, visit our store because for us, Every strand matters!