Hair Blackening Programme

3+1 Hair Blackening Programme

Our objective is simple: create solutions for all men with Grey/ White Hair problems.Get back your confidence with our premium natural 3+1 Hair Blackening Programme.

  • Infused with Science Activated Charcoal
  • 90 days Hair Darkness improvement
  • Increase follicle melanin process/ hair blackening process in 72 hour!
  • Up to +189% Protection for melanocytes and melanoblasts to avoid scalp ageing
  • Triple times increase the melanogenesis process for hair blackening
  • Penetrate Blue Light Protection into scalp to prevent UV radiation that damage toward hair follicle.
  • Up to 80% Increase moderate melanocytes in a week

Grayverse Hair Blackening Programme

The comprehensive kit that kickstarts your black hair journey.

Step 1: Micellar Deep Clean Shampoo
Step 2: Anti-Gray Shampoo
Step 3: Blackening Booster
Step 4: Hair Blackening Supplement

1+1 Grayverse Double Cleanse Shampoo

Simple 2 steps that cleanse your scalp and hair gently and thoroughly.

Grayverse Blackening Booster

Clinically proven booster that delays ageing of your scalp while strengthens your hair.

Grayverse Hair Blackening Supplement

The only active ingredients packed supplement you need to stimulate melanin on scalp follicle to avoid white hair problem

White/ Grey Hair Problems

Grey hair can be annoying that it affects the confidence. The melanin production stops in a particular hair follicle, it means that all hair produced by that follicle will permanently be either white or grey. 

What most people do to treat their grey hair is to dye it with another colour. However, it is appropriate to reconsider dying the hair using chemicals since it could affect the health & well-being. 

3+1 Hair Blackening Programme

Our 3+1 Hair Blackening Programme helps restore the melanocytes & melanoblasts by +189% into the hair follicle & increases by +15% the production of melanin into the greying hair follicles in 3 days. 

Since our treatment is chemical free, helps in scalp cleansing and rely on the unique strengths derived from vitamins and nutrients consumed by the body– it then helps your hair leaving it blacker/more natural looking as it covers your grey/white hair. 

The reason why our 3+1 Hair Blackening Programme is effective is because we are able to deliver nutrients essential for your scalp from inside out into the roots of your hair on the scalp. 

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