Hair Growth Programme

3+1 Hair Growth Programme

Our objective is simple: create solutions for all men with HAIR LOSS/ THINNNG problems.Get back your confidence with our premium natural 3+1 Hair Loss Programme.

  • Richness in 1000++ nutrients for Outer and Inner Improvements healths on scalp follicle
  • DHT blocker with clinical proven by Science backed ingredients
  • Restore, Regenerate & Resolve with 11 Sustainable plant extract complex.
  • 40-60 times Powerful antioxidant nutrients for hair follicle
  • Up to x8 absorption of SuperVitamin E for Hair Loss Prevention
  • Bioenhanced Palm Tocotrienol Complex with enhanced absorption up to 300% (Proven scientifically efficiently absorption

Growth Perfector Programme

The comprehensive kit that kickstarts your hair growth journey.

Step 1: Micellar Deep Clean Shampoo
Step 2: Fortifying Shampoo
Step 3: Nourishing Booster
Step 4: Garden Pea Powder (Hair Growth Supplement)

1+1 Double Cleanse Shampoo

Simple 2 steps that cleanse your scalp and hair gently and thoroughly.

Nourishing Booster

Clinically proven tonic that delays ageing of your scalp while strengthens your hair.

Garden Pea Powder Supplement

The only active ingredients packed supplement you need to stimulate hair growth and prevent hair loss.

Hair Loss or Hair Thinning Problems

Hair Loss or Hair Thinning can be frustrating and cause loss of confidence. When the hair growth production slows down in a particular hair follicle, it means that the hair follicle will not produce any new hair and it will eventually lead to hair getting thinner. 

What most people do to treat their hair loss is basically hair transplant, hair loss treatment or just simply ignore it. However, with hair loss treatment that contains chemicals, you might have to think twice due to the side effects on your well-being as well as your health. 

3+1 Hair Growth Programme

Our 3+1 Hair Growth Programme helps to reduce lipid peroxidation & oxidative stress in scalp. It promotes anagen hair cycling & stimulates hair growth at the root. 

Since our treatments are chemical-free, helps with cleansing the scalp and merely emphasize on the unique strengths derived from nutrients and vitamins consumed by the body, it perceptibly helps to achieve a balanced hair growth cycle as it also fights against hair ageing process by stimulating the hair’s follicle cell metabolism & boosting hair density.

The reason why our 3+1 Hair Growth Programme is because our products are able to distribute the essential nutrients needed for your scalp and roots. 

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