Brand Story




Humanity + Aesthetic + Authentic



The brand name is derived from the values that serve as guidelines to our brand and product development. Haestic injects “humanity” in the development of our products. With humanity as our core value, Haestic exists to make hair care products that improve lives. We believe that by understanding people and the underlying cause of hair loss; we are able to design practical solutions to achieve desired results. There can be a thousand solutions to your problem, but you only need one. Human development is our most important aspect. We embrace freedom and opportunities to enhance people’s well-being, advocating ethical business practices- labour standards and the environment. Haestic creates hair care products with absolute authenticity possible & we are constantly on the hunt for natural alternatives for a better you.




We Understand, We Care


Here at Haestic we listen & care what concerns you. We are here to provide solutions, to inspire a better lifestyle for all men. Haestic exists to celebrate every strand by unraveling hair loss challenges one at a time. Unfortunately, hair loss and thinning can be a game-changer for men who pride themselves on their head full of hair. Understanding why your hair is thinning and falling is the first step towards finding the solution. Looking after your physical health and diet impacts the overall health of your hair, as our hair growth begins from the inside out. With that in mind, Haestic provides solution from the basics of your hair needs. From vitamins and nutrients consumed by the body, to scalp cleansing and conditioning your hair, resources harvest from nature, Haestic products are researched, tested and developed with methods backed by science to ensure satisfaction guaranteed results. Thanks to science, proven ingredients make it easier to stimulate hair growth while boosting its overall health.




Meet William Tan, the founder of Haestic


It started simply with a desire to solve hair loss problems for men. It dawned on me how many men suffer silently from hair loss. While having a full head of hair does not guarantee an instant confidence, but the effects of hair loss are more than just the change of appearance. There has also been a significant rise in the number of young men experiencing hair loss and baldness compared to the generations before. Well, you are not alone.There are solutions, and there can be a breakthrough. I knew herbal remedies are effective. We began studying and experimenting on sustainable ingredients as such. Along the progress of test and research, we realised the scent of herbs may be repelling to some. So, we came up with solutions to eliminate the scent, without reducing the benefits and effectiveness of the products. Imagine waking up to an overwhelming scent of oriental remedies in bed. Haestic changes that now. We are all striving for a better quality of life. Living in an era where the market is constantly offering us choices; you don’t need more solutions, just one that fixes your problems. I believe with the right solution; hair loss is just a phase. Restoring confidence and improving lives - that’s what Haestic is created for.


Flash that confident smirk on your face, with thicker fuller hair! - William Tan